packedia pro
Perfect support for packaging designers!
You will get a ready-to-use packaging design in a short time!
You have something to case ...
... and you know the specifications for this packaging. But how do you want to case it? "packedia pro" has the solution for this mission. We have standard libraries with more than 450 box and display types grouped by display, folding carton and corrugated board packaging designs - according to the famous international standardization organizations like ECMA or FEFCO.
Develope on PC or in the cloud
Its your choice to use our local installazion on your Windows© PC with "packedia pro" or try our award winning and cross platform cloud service "packedia web-pro". Running e.g. on your smartphone / TabletPC / Mac© or Linux-System.
Find soluttions using quick filters
Use our quick filters function and save time selecting packaging standards. With quick filters you will see, which desigs are available for your specifications. Or you can find special packaging designs like triangular or octagonal.
Chose a single packaging design
If you have made a decision, chose a packaging standard you want to use. With detailed questions (e.g. with handle or not) for this standard, you will be guided step-by-step to your result.
Size of packaging
Having a 3D design sample on our user friendly interface you will be shown the requiered dimensions. If you put in the main dimension (e.g. length, height, width) and material specifications, all other neccessary values will be calculated according to predefined tables and formulas.
Your design as DXF vector file
As result the program shows you a drawing. Furthermore you will get a file in DXF format, analogical to industrial standards and ready-to-use in most of CAD standard applications . Many other design tools like Adobe Illustrator© can read and work with DXF vector files.
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  • packedia pro
3.950,00 EUR (net)
4.700,50 EUR (gross)*
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  • Online
  • Product name:
  • packedia web-pro
80,00 EUR/month (net)
95,20 EUR/month (gross)¹
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  • Online
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